About us

Ing4studio was founded in 2016 in Zagreb with the idea of a modern multidisciplinary design office made up of all 4 professions represented in design - architectural, construction, electrical and mechanical engineering.

We are an experienced team offering innovative and high-quality engineering solutions in design, supervision and consulting that maximizes efficiency. This is how we build the future of the company and gain the confidence of our clients. Continuous training of our employees in accordance with the challenges of the modern market is the way to cope decisively and confidently.

Our field of expertise includes industrial architecture, public building architecture, residential architecture, interior design, restoration and energy efficiency renovation of immovable cultural properties.


Končar D&ST / Končar - Metal structures Inc. / Končar - Electronics and informatics Inc. / City of Zagreb / Ministry of Science and Education / Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb / University of Zagreb, Student Center in Zagreb / Clinical Hospital Dubrava / Institution for development of competence, innovation and specialization of Zadar County INOVAacija / INA - Oil industry d.d. / ABS SISAK d.o.o. / IMR Hamburg d.o.o. / Sintaksa d.o.o. / Elektroprojekt d.d. / Hidrokonzalt projektiranje d.o.o. / Eko-mlaz.dm d.o.o. / Siemens d.d. / VMD GROUP d.o.o. / SITIM Technical Solutions & Services d.o.o. / Elektrocentar Petek d.o.o. / Badel 1862 d.d. / ADORO d.o.o. / Auto Holetić d.o.o. / Vertiv Croatia d.o.o. / IGH Institute d.d. /

Independent Contractors

MAX-ING d.o.o. / Toding d.o.o. / Statički projektni ured G & F d.o.o. / NORD-ING d.o.o. / Eco projekt d.o.o. / Avoka-ing d.o.o. / CTP projekt d.o.o. / Z.O.P. d.o.o. / APIN projekt d.o.o. / Licensed Architect Office - Nikola Mustapić / Zona arhitekture d.o.o. / Onda arhitektura d.o.o. / Institut IGH d.d. / Studio Nexar d.o.o. / Arhikultura d.o.o. / Ravel d.o.o. / Mjernik d.o.o. / Ne-Pok d.o.o. / Licensed Geodetic Engineer Office - Tomislav Borošak / Numikon d.o.o. / Premur d.o.o. / Geoekspert d.o.o. /

Standards & Certifications

ISO 9001: 2015 - Quality management system for the following areas: architectural, electrical, mechanical engineering and building design of structures and professional construction supervision

Registered for the protection and preservation of cultural properties - the development of preliminary, main and implementation design for works on an immovable cultural property

Registered for developing private and technical protection projects

Occupational safety experts ( projects and supervision)

Fire protection experts