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Reconstruction of the Youth City complex

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City of Zagreb
Main project designer
Ana Alar, Dipl.Eng.Arch.
Project designers

Ivana Knez, Dipl.Eng.Arch.
Željka Hitrec, M.Eng.E.E.
Nika Nevečerel, M.Eng.M.E.

Associate project designers

Emil Rohlik, M.Arch.
Martina Stjepandić, M.Arch.
Ana Novak, M.Eng.M.E.

Year of design / construction
2019 - ongoing
Total area
247.547,00 m²
Youth City is a park forest and a recreation park classified as a protected cultural heritage. Its architectural and landscape value represents an important urban-architectural complex of public social purpose. The project involves the reconstruction of twenty-two accommodation and adjoining buildings and the modernization of internal infrastructure in the Youth City. The project also covers the reconstruction of accommodation units for kindergarten and school-age children, a hostel, a restaurant and sports and social facilities.
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