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Reconstruction of the Novi Zagreb Cultural Center

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City of Zagreb
Ivana Knez, Dipl.Eng.Arch.
Main project designer
Ivana Knez, Dipl.Eng.Arch.
Project designers

Ivana Knez, Dipl.Eng.Arch.
Željka Hitrec, M.Eng.E.E.

Associate project designers

Ana Novak, M.Eng.M.E.

Year of design / construction
Total area
1684 (380) m²
The existing building of the Novi Zagreb Cultural Center has been modernized for the needs of an established cultural center with a polyvalent stage hall. The reconstruction included the energy efficient building envelope and the interior of the hall with audiovisual equipment and stage technnology. HVAC design system, as well as high-voltage and low-voltage electrical installations, have been designed.
For KONZALT ING d.o.o.
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