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Reconstruction of the Bakar tanker port

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INA - Oil Industry d.d.
Main project designer
Nika Nevečerel, M.Eng.M.E.
Project designers

Nika Nevečerel, M.Eng.M.E.
Željka Hitrec, M.Eng.E.E.

Associate project designers

Ana Novak, M.Eng.M.E.

Year of design / construction
2013 - 2019
The mechanical and process engineering project included the reconstruction of three operating piers with the installation of 6 new loading arms, 10 new product measuring lines over 130 high-risk manipulation pipelines for 15 different products on the piers and the pipe bridge, and a pumping station with the installation of 3 new centrifugal pumps. The electrical engineering project covered the reconstruction of the electrical installations on the operating piers and the power lines, replacing the power cables of all consumers as part of the modernization of the Port of Bakar.
For KONZALT ING d.o.o.
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