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Wood Industry Technology Center Lepoglava

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The City of Lepoglava
Main project designer
Ana Alar, Dipl.Eng.Arch.
Project designers

Emil Rohlik, M.Arch.
Nika Nevečerel, M.Eng.M.E.
Željka Hitrec, M.Eng.E.E.

Associate project designers

Ivana Knez, Dipl.Eng.Arch.
Ana Novak, M.Eng.M.E.

Year of design / construction
Total area
4.900,63 m²
Estimated costs
HRK 55.125.000,00
The activities of the Technology center of wood industry Lepoglava include the production of samples and prototypes of wood products as well as testing solutions and quality in the stages of their development. The longitudinal layout and shape of building are conditioned by the shape of the parcel and technological process. The production facility on the ground floor takes up the full volume and is dilated from the upper volume of the office, work space and testing center in wooden paneling by censured over panel.
For KONZALT ING d.o.o.
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