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Reconstruction and roofing of the north and west stands of Maksimir Stadium

Image 11
City of Zagreb
Project designers

Ana Novak, M.Eng.M.E.
Marko Kitić, M.Eng.E.E.
Željka Hitrec, M.Eng.E.E.

Associate project designers

Nika Nevečerel, M.Eng.M.E.

Year of design / construction
Total area
58.170 m²
Estimated costs
HRK 18.000.000,00
A partial reconstruction of Maksimir City Stadium has been done in accordance with the UEFA Regulations. It has involved the reconstruction and roofing its northern and western stands, and the office space adaptation at the north-west corner. New HVAC system design, as well as low-voltage and high-voltage installations and the exterior lightning of the pitch, have also been designed.
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